Just wanted to reach out and say I had an EXCELLENT experience with the boss! I got my personal best musky on it! An almost 48” big girl!! Excellent lure and quality! Will be buying more in the future!!

Diana S

I have good news! I kid you not, after putting in my first order for all of those mini boss spinner baits. I pick it up for the first time to throw around for a bit, and within the first 45 minutes of fishing i got my first nice casting musky ever, super impressed and will be ordering more baits soon!


Hi Don,
Love the lures. They have been very productive baits all season and we’re just now hitting prime season for blades. Tonight I put this 51” in the bag thanks to your JT in shad color. Biggest fish of the season so far. Just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome baits. I’ve got countless hours on them and they throw so nice, are weighted perfect and pull harder than comparable junior cowgirls and other Flashibou double nine blades. They are perfectly set up and I wouldn’t change a thing which is crazy since I chop, tweak and re weight nearly every bucktail I buy.

Thanks again.

Just wanted to finally take a moment to reach out and tell you that you make some awesome baits. Picked up my first two figure eight lures at Glens outdoors store in Grand Rapids Minnesota this last August during a musky fishing trip because my wife thought they looked pretty. Ended up being the best decision of our trip. We turned a tough bite into a musky fest with my wife boating her first musky finally after two summers of trying and within two days we had 12 different fish on but we only managed to boat five of them, not the fault of the lure but inexperience on my wife’s part. Nonetheless we had been throwing cowgirls and every other popular musky lure we had at them with very little interest. My wife pulled out her new purple pink mini boss and I pulled out the chartreuse black mini boss we hit shallow bull rushes where the fish had seemed to moved into and it was non stop action almost immediately, just a blast. Mostly smaller fish but we did manage a couple nice ones.

We’ll definitely continue to purchase the baits and look forward to trying out all of the other sizes and especially the larger inline spinners!! It’s opened my eyes to the rubber skirts instead of the everyday flashabou and marabou skirts we were used to using. I think it gives the spinners way better action and realism that pressured Mn muskies never see.

Thanks for making a very unique and awesome product, keep up the good work!

I’ll be videoing all of our musky fishing this year so hopefully we can get some big fish eating your baits and I’ll send it to you along with some better pictures.

Brandon & Emily Guimont

Brandon with another musky caught on a black-chartreuse MiniBoss.
Emily first Musky caught on a Purple-Pink MiniBoss.

Saturday my son and I ventured out for a little earlier fishing. We were after Tiger Muskies. The chances were low but had the bug and need to get on the water.
I have recently purchased your Snitch lure. Never had one and this is my first. Let me tell, that is a great lure! The blade spins very easy can be used in multiple ways and the action is great.
What really is awesome the price ! I have a few other very similar lures but they are a lot more expensive and the blade / flash / presentation is nothing like yours.
Sadly no fish or bites for that matter.
But, we are planning another adventure this week.
Thank you for the product and please keep up the good work

Your baits worked great. I just got back from LAKE OF THE WOODS. I caught a 51, 48, 45 ½, 42, and (2) 41’s. There were several smaller ones to. The black and silver was the hot bait. I also caught 2 northerns over 40”.

Thx for your quick turn around on my order.
Chris Yaritz

Hello Don,
This fall, I went fishing on the Wisconsin River for the first time.

I have fished for many years for muskies on lakes but never in a river. When choosing which lures to bring, I wanted something with excellent vibration and flash. One of the lures I brought was the Boss.

The friend I was fishing with suggested a rubber bait to start. I caught a 42" musky. We were both throwing the same bait so I wanted to give a completely different presentation so I switched to the Boss! On my first cast, I caught a 43" musky! Not much later, I hooked into my personal best - a 48" musky! Nothing like a 4 ft musky going airborne! Sadly, I ended up losing that lure a short while later and did not catch another fish!

Thank you for your excellent products that lead to my largest musky! I am planning on ordering more very soon!
Dennis Newquist

Dennis with a 48 inch musky in musky caught on Boss.

Hey Don,
A while ago (could be at least a year!) I bought some spinners from you. Last weekend I caught this 44' pike on your Enforcer!! I was really happy with the fish, being my second biggest pike ever caught. Thanks for the great lures!
Greets, Mark Heijsteeg (the Netherlands)

Mark from the Netherlands 44 inch pike caught on the enforcer

My name is Alec Davidson and I'm from Calabasas California. I was up at my summer home up in Minnesota, where I've come every summer for as long as I can remember. Its always been a dream of mine to be the first fisherman in the family to catch a muskie. I have been on multiple guided fishing trips, as well as my own trips to catch a muskie. Up until this point, msukies have always eluded me. Today was the day that dream came true. I want to thank you guys, and your amazing lure for making that happen. You guys have a great product, just keep on crankin them out. Thanks again for making that dream of mine come true.

Alec Davidson first muskie

My name is Thomas Sutton and I wanted to take time to tell you thank you and that I caught the new Delaware state record musky on one of your excellent quality figure 8 spinner baits thanks again for the craftsman ship

Caught on a Prowler Figure 8 Lure

Dear Figure 8 Lure Co.,
I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude and appreciation for making my fishing trip to Canada this year one to remember. I have been traveling to Canada for the past twelve years to enjoy the beauty of this country and of course, the great fishing. Over the years, I have been a big Mepps spinner fan for Northern Pike fishing. I used the Mepps spinners almost exclusively and I was always satisfied with the results. Not anymore!!! A good friend of mine told me about “Figure 8 Lures” so I thought I would give them a try. I went online and easily found your website and I ordered a number of different varieties of lures to try out for this year’s big fishing trip to Canada. I was extremely impressed with the fast delivery and the quality of the lures after receiving them. When I did finally arrive in Canada and started fishing, I can honestly tell you, I started out fishing with the old reliable Mepps spinners that I had used over the years. The fishing was ok, but I was not getting the action I expect while fishing in Canada. It was time to try something else. I reached into my tackle box and pulled out a “Figure 8 Lure” spinner and things changed for the better from that moment on. The strikes were more frequent and Pike attacked the lure with more force. Your lures not only look good out of the water, but the action of the spinner in the water is one of the best I have ever witnessed. I caught a large number of quality pike ranging from the high 20 inch range to the low 30 inch range. Then came the big one!!! I landed a huge 41.5 inch, 18.2 lb trophy Northern Pike using “Figure 8 Lures”. Thanks to “Figure 8 Lures”, I now have a quality trophy I can proudly hang on my wall. (By the way, I did release this monster back in the water and I am having a replica made of this memory.)

Thanks again “Figure 8 Lures” for making this year’s trip up to Canada one of my most memorable. I have attached a photo of a very proud customer and his prize catch caught on a Prowler Figure 8 Lure.


Mark Revolinski
Apopka, Florida

Caught on a Prowler Figure 8 Lure

Hi Don,
Fishing has been good. It has been a primarily a topwater bite lately and it has just transitioned over to a blade bite in the past few days. So I should have some more pics for you soon.

Here you go:
Being a successful guide and tournament pro is all about choosing the right tool for the right situation. Figure 8 Double 13's can be thrown further and more precisely than the other #13 bladed baits on the market. The rubber skirt and giant trailer grub really bring the lure to life while in the water. This translates to less backlashing in the wind, longer more precise casts, and most importantly more big fish in the boat. Do yourself a favor and compare a Figure 8 Double 13 to your current big bladed baits and experience the difference! You'll thank me later!

Tight Lines
Josh Brodsky
PMTT World Champion and Top Gun Record Holder